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Automatically Verifying AWS Cognito User Email Addresses

4 February 2019
3 minutes to read

In between my full time job and university I am slowly getting round to adding more functionality to my SaaS product. Previously I wrote about simplifying the sign up process by automatically confirming Cognito users.

Automatically Confirming AWS Cognito Users

17 September 2018
2 minutes to read

The SaaS product I am creating uses AWS Cognito for user and identity management. As the product is very niche I wanted to make the sign up process as simple as possible. This meant once the registration form is complete, immediately log the user in and place them on the dashboard to begin onboarding and try to hook them straight away. The default setup for AWS Cognito requires users to verify their email address which confirms their account in the process. Clearly this doesn’t fit my desired flow but luckily there is a simple workaround.

Using Multiple Buckets with the AWS Amplify Storage Module

5 July 2018
3 minutes to read

I’m currently working with React and AWS Amplify to create a front end for a web application. The app allows users to upload images, which are subsequently resized with a lambda function (post to follow) and placed into a new S3 bucket. This means the app needs to be able to upload to one bucket and get images from another. Weirdly the AWS Amplify documentation covers setup for a single bucket using global configuration. There is an open Github Issue on the Amplify project, but I had a hunt around and found a quick solution already in the code.

Failing Python Tests Don't Stop Build in AWS CodeBuild

7 May 2018
3 minutes to read

Here’s a short post to provide a quick solution to a problem I came across while using AWS CodeBuild with Python tests. Though I say problem, in reality it is intended functionality for AWS CodeBuild. But this workaround keeps things slightly neater for the way that I’m doing things (probably not the right way!) but it may help you.

Keeping things Small with Microservices, Flask and Bonsai Trees

4 May 2018
1 minutes to read

Recently I have become quite interested in the art of bonsai trees. With just 2 young trees however, I am but a novice. But I love seeing the large, well maintained collections of more experienced collectors. Whilst browsing bonsai communities I realised there is no software for managing a collection of trees, watering and feeding schedules etc. So I took the opportunity to create something, and today I’d like to take you through a simple microservice created with Python, Flask, Marshmallow and SQLAlchemy. The service will run on AWS Lambda as part of a larger application later. But it showcases nicely a simple Flask REST API complete with tests.